Buying a special property in Turkey

Buying a property abroad without professional support is possible. However, the resulting risks and the very diverse tasks involved are often underestimated.

In the following we would like to show you some things that are essential for the purchase of a property. You will see, our consulting service will pay off for you!

1. Property search in the desired location
2. Buy online
3. Inspection of the property
4. A clear object check
5. Purchase price negotiation
6. Review of property documentation
7. Checkout
8. Help with financing questions
9. Rental and Administration
10. Security


1. The right object search

In addition to many other factors, the search for the desired property is becoming increasingly important. Especially abroad. Many buyers limit their search for their dream home to real estate portals on the Internet.

But nowadays that is no longer enough to find the dream property.


The right search includes:

- Internet portals of each country

- Internet pages of our business partners abroad

- Letters from our registered property developers and real estate agents

- Purchase request in your own newsletter is sent to all business partners

- Exchange in real estate network


2. Buy online 

The Internet with its many portals often suggests that selling a property online is child's play. However, this is a complex task that needs to be well thought out. After all, buying real estate is about a not inconsiderable sum - maybe even the greatest asset in your life! 

We therefore think about the advertisements on the Internet in advance based on the following questions and make the initial contact: 

- Is the seller reputable?

- What papers and documents does the seller provide?

- What are the purchase options?- Which ones make sense?


3. Viewing appointment 

A property has to please you. You must be able to imagine your future home well. Good preparation is therefore everything. We support you and take part in the visit alone or with you. Simple steps are very promising:

 - How is the situation?

- Are there any construction defects?

- Are the documents complete? 

Some sellers are very pushy and want to sell their property. We know the sellers and can calmly and factually refuse.

 In other countries, it is more time-consuming to drive or fly to make viewing appointments. Here we can carry out the first inspection and possibly create additional pictures and video recordings.


4. A clear object check 

Many owners speak highly of their property. That is absolutely understandable - after all, there is a lot of "heart and soul" and usually half a life in one's own house. But exuberant property descriptions arouse ideas in prospective buyers, who are then often disappointed. 

We will check the descriptions for you with the necessary distance and will already find concrete information about necessary renovations in order to avoid surprises when buying. 

In addition, we have the property checked by a well-known expert for possible construction defects and damage.


5. Determining the correct purchase price

It is difficult for laypeople to check the current market value of the desired property abroad. In addition to emotional factors, many influences come into play that drive the price up disproportionately. However, we can draw on our experience and knowledge of the local market to determine the right purchase price.

In this way you avoid the mistake of paying a too high price for the object.

Why is that?

At a price that is well above the market level, the sellers try to sell the property to unsuspecting prospective buyers, especially from abroad, because they always expect negotiations about the purchase price.

We know the market and the sellers very well. In addition, we only offer properties from our network of developers and brokers that we have checked beforehand.


6. Review of property documentation

The object documents are checked for authenticity and completeness by a well-known specialist lawyer.

Before making a purchase decision, buyers want to find out extensive information about the property. In addition, the potential buyer needs documents, among other things, for the financing discussion or for the loan application at his bank.

We will advise you on what needs to be made available and where you can obtain the documents. This includes:

- The current extract from the land register (in Germany max. 6 weeks old, abroad various requirements)

- location map

- Floor plans/living space calculation

- Proof of building insurance

- Energy performance certificate

- Invoices for repairs made

- A list of modernizations made

- Declaration of division and distribution plan

- Utility bills

- Owners meeting minutes


7. Checkout

As soon as we have found the right property, it is about the concrete handling of the property purchase. Each country has certain requirements that must be met.

Here, too, fundamental questions arise, which we can answer relatively easily due to our experience, our network and the information services available to us.

- How do I find out if the seller is also the owner of the property?

- How can I be sure that the purchase of the property will take place without any problems?

- How do I set the payment date and the day of delivery?

- What must be regulated in the purchase contract?

- With which notary should the contract be certified?

- Are there any encumbrances entered in the land register?


8. Help with financing

Very few buyers can pay for the dream of their own home in cash.

The desire and enthusiasm for the property are usually greater than the wallet - despite the lack of financing, you would ideally like to go to the notary immediately.

Do you have a paid-off property or a property with a small residual debt in Germany?

You can take out a real estate loan with very favorable interest rates from our partner banks in Germany in order to finance your dream property in Turkey.


9. Rental and Administration

- How do I rent a property abroad and what do I have to pay attention to?

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting?

- How do I find the right manager for my property?

If you are looking for answers to these and other questions, you have come to the right place. We would be happy to advise you personally and in detail. Tell us when you have time.


10. Security

We only offer properties from developers or private sellers who have passed our rigorous selection process (see selection criteria).

 We work together with one of the best law firms in Turkey. All property documents, contracts and land registers are strictly checked for correctness and completeness.

An expert/appraiser, who is also renowned, prepares an appraisal of the property to point out any damage or construction defects.

You will be accompanied and supported in German from start to finish by our team in Germany and later in Turkey.

Even after the purchase, we are happy to take over the rental and management of the purchased property.


Your DABAN Investment GmbH will be happy to support you!

Selling or buying a property is, as you will no doubt have noticed, a multi-faceted project that usually involves large sums of money.
Just as you consult a specialist lawyer for legal questions or your tax consultant for the tax return,
the right partner should also support you when buying and selling real estate.